Heather C

Molls Dolls Member

Molls Dolls. It's fun great, exercise and have met some fabulous new friends, just enjoy the dancing. Molly just gives it her all!


Sue G

Molls Dolls Member

I love being part of Molls Dolls, a great place to escape to and leave the realities of home life. A fun group of ladies which all have the love of dance in them. Not having danced for 40 years the co ordination isn't quite the same but alot of fun, lots of laughs and great fitness.


Karen A

Molls Dolls Member

I haven’t tapped for forty years, but I’ve discovered it’s like riding a bike... you never forget! I have found my “happy place” joining Molls Dolls!


Kay M

Original Molls Doll

I am proud to of been one of the original Molls Dolls. 5 years on and we have grown so much. It is wonderful to still enjoy tap dancing as much as I did as a child all these years later!



Original Molls Doll

 "We love us" a Postie quote that sums it up! Bringing together dancers from many walks of life where each dancer feels valued and part of an amazing, fun and skilled team- Molly Chapman has created something very special for adult tappers of all abilities and ages!


Kay K

Molls Dolls Member

 At 77 I never thought I would be back treading the boards, especially with my 2 daughters and 3 granddaughters. What an amazing experience Molly has provided for us.


Sarah Jane

Original Molls Doll

“I love Molls Dolls because it allows me to continue my love of dance and all things sparkly that started as a 4 yr old! Molly finds us so many opportunities to perform for which I am forever grateful for!”


Amanda S

New Molls Doll

I have been on stage singing/dancing/acting all my life but have never "Tapped" (but always wanted to) until November 2018 & made my Tap debut in a Molls Dolls concert two months later (with my husband tapping beside me!!!!!!). "Dreams do come true"!! Such a fabulous group of ladies to share the stage with!!


Karen M

New Molls Doll

I’m new to the world of tap dancing and joined Molls Dolls in June 2019. I joined as I was motivated to learn something new and improve my fitness. What I have enjoyed from being a Molls Doll is so much more than those two things. Dancing takes me to my happy place, I love the girls and teamwork. My expectations have been totally exceeded and I feel so proud to be a Molls Doll.


Ruth O

Molls Doll Member

I joined Moll's Dolls two years ago, just wanting to get back in to dancing and become more active. What I didn't expect is my love for dance to be reignited and to form some wonderful new friendships. Whether you are a novice or an experienced dancer, Molly has a class to suit you. Life is too short not to dance!!!


Danitta F

New Molls Doll

Just loving Molls Dolls as have just joined this year, I have met some lovely new friends and lessons are so much fun. Great exercise for this old body too😀


Sally H

Molls Dolls Member

Absolutely love being part of such an amazing diverse group of women. Life is about having fun and doing things I would not have thought possible at my age. Takes me awhile but I always seem to get there on the night.